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Founder of Events without a Hitch

Hi, I'm Ashley Snider, the Founder of Events Without a Hitch, based in Charlotte, NC!

In my opinion, what makes an event great? Think about parties you’ve hosted or weddings you’ve attended…what stands out in your memory the most about those times? Is it the carefully thought out and intentional guest list? Is it the complete follow-through of the event theme across every detail? Is it the right setting and venue that captures the purpose of the moment? It is ALL OF THIS…and so much more!


Event planning is far greater than hand-written invitation cards, a few phone calls and a handful of emails. So, when you’re ready to plan your big moment, consider handing over the pieces of planning to me - Ashley Snider, founder of Events Without A Hitch. I have been planning events in the greater Charlotte area for over a decade, 12 years to be exact. I’ve walked my clients through every celebratory stage of life; from baby showers to birthday parties, to weddings and everything in between. From a Great Gatsby themed wedding at the illustrious Ritz Carlton hotel in Uptown, to a picturesque garden party wedding at the Duke Mansion, I have the experience and creative genius to help you execute your dream event.

What makes me stand out amongst other event planners in the area? I am glad you asked! I have a well-established portfolio, a solid list of preferred vendors and references from my many clients. And, as they say “the proof is in the pudding.” I’m a Charlotte area native, born and raised, and currently residing in Myers Park with my family of four.

If you’ve got a big event on the horizon, drop me a line and let me share my thoughts on how we can make this the most memorable event you’ve ever known!

Green Shadow
"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry






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