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When I got engaged, I did not even consider hiring a wedding planner. I thought that I could easily do it all and it was likely not worth the money. And then a friend of mine mentioned Ashley to me and I thought it couldn't hurt to at least talk with her.


Within about five minutes of meeting Ashley, I knew right away that she would not only be a HUGE help and asset but that she would also be a lifelong friend. She did SO much for me that I didn't even realize I needed to do and best of all, she was a calming and enjoyable presence during the engagement period and on my actual wedding day.


There was SO much that I didn't even have to think about on my wedding day because I knew it was on Ashley's list and I didn't have to worry about it. Plus, since she knows so many people in Charlotte, she is so well-connected for what you might need on your special day. You will be so glad that you hired Ashley!


- Alston Van Dyke

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